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Lee Moor diary - March 2010

Would-be molecatchers learning the art at Lee Moor

The Hills are Alive...

There are moles in them there hills... well three fewer now that the British Traditional Mole Catchers Register have had their course here, thanks to Brian and Simon. They were celebrating the Register's third birthday when they were here, so it was good to have a full course and great that The Journal ran an article – written by Karen Dent – about traditional mole catching. As well as courses involving a revival of old skills, I am lucky enough to have connections with those needed to set up renewable energy - e.g. when I was at the opening of the NAREC/Northumberland College Wind Turbine Training Tower.

Molecatching students at Lee Moor - group photo

A rough old winter

The coldest in 31 years, struggling to get fuel in and indeed to fund it, the effect of the frosts on the road, and general hassle have made this a long-drawn-out season. Generally life has gone on as normal, the bakery got its bread to the shops and the animals adapted, although the fact that the hares and rabbits have eaten so much bark off the hedges shows the extreme nature of the winter snowfall. The road will be brought back to good order, but frankly the more economic the activity is at the end of the road the higher the standard of the surface can be... I have some plans myself, but we're also always keen to get more tenants on site if we can.

Culture on and off farm

It is not a cultural desert in the countryside... honest! But Rennington has grabbed the Highlights programme with both hands and as such will be promoting a drama later in the year... keep 23rd May clear in your diary! This month we promoted Kirsty McGee who came to play her unique style of music accompanied by Matt Martin. They were brilliant – critical acclaim and much applause.

The time passes all too easily

As of 25th March 2010 my family has been renting the farm known as Lee Moor for 60 years... Now in the feudal lands of Northumberland there is a certain spirit of competition, and in the 701st year of the Dukes' occupation of lands around the Alnwick area I feel barely worthy, but it is fair to say that Granddad Nicholas, Father Eddie and myself have each reacted to the times, worked with the policy 'sticks and carrots' and managed the landscape as we have seen fit. I may or may not be the final generation at Lee Moor - who knows?

Third birthday cake for the British Traditional Molecatchers Register

Bong... awards for all

It was a pleasure to attend the NECC area business awards in Newcastle in March with Newcastle Science City I am working on a number of projects with them and love the world of creativity and innovation in which they inhabit. So, in this our 61st year, here's to more creative and profitable times.

Ian Brown


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